Thursday, October 05, 2006

Numbnuts and Whirleybirdy (aka Brodkorb and Kline)

Hold the press...this just in from the dark numbnuts:

"...vicious anti-Kline webpage ( that attacks Kline’s military and Congressional service"
First, I'm hurt MB didn't directly link out to me, but not surprised.

Second, it wasn't a bullseye but a target (as in the store) icon, but whatever spins your post. We all realize reality and truth isn't a strong point with you or Kline.

Third, the "vulgar and obscene images of Kline cavorting with Paris Hilton" got tons of hits...and was one of my better photoshop attempts. I guess Kline inspired me with his support of the top 2 percent of the 'super wealthy' Americans over the rest of us.

And finally, all this crap is just another crybaby attempt to deflect from the real surprise there. Since Mr. Kline and/or his staff read this blog on a regular bases, feel free to comment directly (see comment links below) need to keep communicating through a paid GOP operative blogger or reporter. Hey, it may even save you some money for your retirement in November.

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Ken in MN said...

Here's a little love, y'all. Keep up the great work! Love the Paris poster!