Sunday, October 22, 2006

Star Tribune Endorses Coleen Rowley!

Wow! Coleen Rowley received the Star Tribune endorsement in the Second Congressional district of Minnesota against the encumbant Rep. John Kline! Among other things they cited the need for a change from the failed Bu$hCo agenda that Kline has so faithful served:

"...we cannot endorse his (kline's) steadfast, increasingly strained, defense of the Bush administration over policies that have produced destructive budget deficits, mired the nation in a disastrous war and tarnished the nation's image as a defender of human rights and the rule of law....

...While Rowley is short on political experience, she has proved herself a quick study and avid learner. Washington needs a change in course, and the Second District is a good place to start."

'nuff said! Now go tell your neighbors and friends and vote for change, vote Coleen Rowley!

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