Monday, October 30, 2006

Kline needed an insider to get Pioneer Press endorsement

This story from Inside Minnesota Politics might explain why the Pioneer Press endorsed Kline over Rowley. Kline needed help from his good buddy Republican blogger Craig Westover to get the endorsement, so Westover fudged on the facts so much that the Pioneer Press had to run a correction. The really troublesome part is nobody at the PP Editorial Board checked out the facts reported by a known partisan!

Despite Westover's best efforts to manipulate the process, the PP gave Kline a very unenthusiastic endorsement.

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jmjm said...

This is so corrupt. It's the typical behavior we've come to expect from the 'moral' republicans. But you're correct, for an endorsement it was very lukewarm. Once remove the 'error', Coleen Rowley is actually the better candidate.

The procedures the Pioneer Press uses to endorse are serious flaw when they let a 'hack' like Captain Fishticks present the neat little package.