Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kline Gives Meaning to Sleeze

When Cunningham was convicted, Kline's office announced it would give the money ($6,000 from Cunningham) to charity:
"FEC records show the campaign contributed $4,000 to Kline's church in Burnsville, MN, Grace Methodist, where his wife Vicky is on the Board of Trustees and treasurer of the women's group "

Kline gives sleeze a whole new meaning. John Kline has received 42 contributions totaling $139,557 since 2000. And 17 of the 21 Republican congressmen on the CREW list have given to Kline. This isn't a 'chance' happening. This is cronyism and corruption and Kline is up to his neck with it's ties.
hattip to Lakeville dad

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