Thursday, October 12, 2006

John Kline's Deklining Performance

I have some good news for John Kline (MN R). Kline actually gets on the scorecard! Unlike Lakeville Dad’s blog that shows Kline with 70 different ratings of ZERO. I found a 8% and a whopping 25% rating for Kline. Naturally, they are both very low, and some might point out, failing scores, but he does at least make it on the board.

First, the League of Conservation Voters scorecard shows Kline with an 8%,(on a 1-100 scale). They based there scoring following a session of Congress that saw continued reliance on the failed energy policies of the past while ignoring common sense solutions to America's energy challenges.

“The 2006 National Environmental Scorecard offers a clear view of where each member of Congress stands on some of the most important issues facing our country,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said. “Who voted for the energy policies of the past and giveaways for Big Oil? Who stood up to protect the environment and the health and safety of American families? “

The National Environmental Scorecard was scored on the number of pro-environment votes cast out of the total number included for 2006. Among the votes included in the 2006 Scorecard are those on offshore drilling, drilling royalties, public health and environmental funding.

109th, 2nd session Score MN
Mark Dayton 86%
Norm Coleman 29%

MN 1 Gil Gutknecht 0%
MN 2 John Kline 8%
MN 3 Jim Ramstad 83%
MN 4 Betty McCollum 100%
MN 5 Martin Olav Sabo 92%
MN 6 Mark Kennedy 33%
MN 7 Collin Peterson 17%
MN 8 James Oberstar 67%

Next, Americans for shared Sacrifice has rated the 2005/2006 Sessions of the 109th Congress showing the percent of YES votes for Veterans Benefits. John Kline (MN R) scores the lowest among Minnesotan’s for support of Veteran benefits. John Kline once again receives a failing grade of 25%

John Kline talks of being a supporter of veterans, but he sure doesn’t vote like one. I couldn't help but notice Kline's latest mudfling at Coleen accuses her of not supporting the military, but based on the facts (Kline's vote record), he gets to hold that title:

SenateMark Dayton (D) 88%
Norm Coleman (R) 50%
CD1. Gil Gutknecht (R) 38%
CD2. John Kline (R) 25%
CD3. Jim Ramstad (R) 38%
CD4. Betty McCollum (D) 100%
CD5. Martin Olav Sabo (D) 100%
CD6. Mark Kennedy (R) 38%
CD7. Collin Peterson (D) 75%
CD8. James Oberstar (D) 88%

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