Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Kline Must Stop Wasting Our Money

John Kline has an opion piece in the Star Tribune telling voters that Congress is wasting our money and he's working for us...but hasn't he been in office the whole time that Congress 'is wasting our money'? Maybe he's right, let's stop Congress from wasting money by voting Kline out!

Rep. John Kline(R-MN-02) has failed the Middle Class. No surprise there. Year after year Kline has voted against the average voter, and for corporations. From bank bail outs, to denying senior/military/children's benefits, Kline has destroyed the American Dream.

During this campaign season, Kline has been MIA. Preferring to raise money for candidates out of state and teabaggers, rather than stay at home and talk with average Minnesotans. He won't discuss the issues, won't debate his challenger, won't make himself available to locals to explain his record and how it supports large corporations while taxing us.

Kline blames 'others' for the high deficit, unemployment, underfunding of programs, bank bailouts... but Kline has been in office now for years (almost a decade!). So can it always be 'the other guy'? Where's the accountability? It's time to stop and consider what Kline has done.

We have wars that Kline has been the main cheerleader for and whole heartily supports. They take over 40% of our budget to maintain and most of that money goes overseas away from America and into the hands of war profiteers and foreigners.

We have wall street and bank bailouts that cost millions, and Kline supported by voting YES. We have record unemployment, and Kline voted NO against extending benefits and the creation of jobs.

Kline doesn't accept earmarks, so while all the other Congressional districts in Minnesota receive double or more from his district, and, roads go unrepaired, jobs go unfilled, and business infrastructure doesn't get replaced.

This Tuesday, please vote. Tell John Kline with your vote what you think about his lack of support for your community, family, and Minnesota.

Let John know that you're aware that Congress has wasted your money, and as Kline is part of that problem, it's time to vote for someone else. It's time for a change from John Kline's wasting money ways.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rep. John Kline's Pawining America!

The Star Tribune reported that Pawn America's licensing fee was slashed in Burnsville from $10,000 to $100 by the Bursnville City Council! In addition, in Burnsville, Pawn America no longer have to pay the $2.50 per-transaction fee to help maintain a database of pawnshop information that the police share.

"And under a new ordinance, fewer kinds of merchandise will be tracked as it is pawned and resold."

Burnsville Police Chief and other law endorsement entities believe the Busnsville policy will restrict investigations and suggest that stolen property will be hard to recover. Additionally, taxpayers will now have to cover the cost of fees.

This is the perfect example of John Kline's motto: Let the business world regulate itself. And how ironic and coincidental (if you believe in it) that Rep. John Kline (R-MN-02) has a close relationship with Pawn America and CEO Brad Rixmann. As I've noted before, Pawn America has been one of the biggest donor to Kline's campaign fund.

Besides the above changes, Rixmann (Pawn America) wants is to switch from the current database (APS) maintained by Minneapolis and used by the Minnesota and Wisconsin police to a private one (LeadsOnLine) of a firm in Texas (ah, another coincident! BTW the CEO David Finely also donates to GOP campaigns).

By law in every U.S. jurisdiction, all pawnshop transactions must be recorded and made available to local police. Known as tickets, the records contain the name and driver’s license or state identification information of the person who pawned an item, and a detailed description of the item pawned. Police officers collect the tickets and scan them to compare with reports of stolen property.

This represents big business, but it also represents how unregulated businesses can cost the community. Pawn shops exact a heavy fee because they impose a heavy burden in the communities they operate:

- Incredible high fees:Loans are steep, usually asking 10-20% service fees monthly making them pricier than bank loans or credit cards, and if the fee isn't meet, they can sell the item. A 10-20% fee translates into an annual percentage rate exceeding 300%.

- Increases in crime: With a pawn shop "comes an increase burglaries and break-ins. A pawnshop might give the addicts who regularly buy their drugs on that corner ready access to cash for their habit. A pawnshop might make it hard to woo more respectable businesses to that part of the south side; lower property values; increase gunfire; drive families away"

- With the elimination of pawn shops transaction fees, taxpayers will have to cover the fees!

- More stolen goods go unrecovered: Police report that more stolen goods will be unrecoved due to less reporting.

Rep. John Kline has consistently fought against any legislation that regulates businesses including limits on high interest rates. Kline is against any government regulations or over sight of any business sector including loan sharks and pawn shops. That's why in the eight years of John Kline being in office, we've seen the wall street crash and the banking industry melt down. Kline's adherence to 'no government oversight, regulations, or interference', has made John Kline a Pawn American poster child.

Unfortunately, the taxpayers get stuck with the bill for Pawn America fees while PA makes larger and larger profits and throws some of the profit at John Kline to deregulate them. Ask John Kline to work for the police and not against them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Palin/Kline Ticket in 2012?

Like Minnesota Governor Pawlenty, will Rep. John Kline (R-MN-02) be running in 2012? If so, can we assume Kline is on Sarah Palin's short list? Is this the future GOP ticket....
Palin Gives Kline $5,000 contribution... PALIN /KLINE 2012 -Forming a 2012 'Falling Down Bridge to Nowhere'.

"With the Palin/Kline...The end is nearer than you think'

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rep. John Kline, The Lying Job Killer

Rep. John Kline (R-MN-02) has been in office since let's get a reality check on what he's not regarding job creation...

"...Like me, Tom [Emmer] believes the private sector - not the federal government - creates jobs."
Really? So if what John Kline says is true,

He has been in office almost a decade serving four years under a two term GOP administration, and the same along with a GOP MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, so then, just where are the jobs?
John Kline had 'pawlenty of time' and resources at his disposal...

Ah that's right, Kline has voted against: green jobs, stimulus jobs, minimum wage, job assistance, earmark jobs, jobs in education and a whole slew of legislation the would have help create, you guessed it... JOBS!

More of the usual from Congressman Kline, he says one thing, but his action, support, resources and vote does another! Which begs the question of which title fits John Kline best:



Friday, October 22, 2010

John Kline's Friday Fables

'fable'  from the latin 'fabula' (a "story"), derived from 'fari' ("to speak") with the -ula suffix that signifies "little": hence, "little story"...

'All Hat No Cattle'
It's good to see the 'good ole boys' in Texas are still backing John Kline's congressional seat! Open secret shows Kline taking almost ten thousand dollars ($9,600) from Houston, Texas. That comes as no surprise since 30% of the money Kline accepts is from out of state...and much of the rest is from outside his district....Makes one wonder why outsiders are trying to buy his position?

DeKlining to Work for CD2
Shelley Madore, the Democrat running in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, points out in an op-ed that federal money is going elsewhere because of GOP Rep. John Kline policy on earmarks. CD2 gets 35 cent back in federal dollars, less than half than any other congressional district in Minnesota and no where near the average federal return.

Still 'Hiding' while seeking Re-election
Congressman John Kline refuses to debate his challenger Shelley Madore..."The image of Marine veteran and self described tough guy Kline desperately running to his car and burning rubber to escape the pesky and persistent Shelley Madore is hilarious!" Unfortunately, hilarious or not, it's not very professional nor does it further the interests of CD2 voters.

Out of Excuses
Kline is notorious for not doing town hall meetings. I'm aware of only two in 8 years. He likes to qualify robo-calling as 'town meetings' but that's like defining catching an ant to big game hunting...the two aren't remotely the same! In a recent letter to Robert Gates, Kline complained that he was 'thwarted, blocked, ignored and stymied by the Department at every turn' Kline knows how CD2 voters have felt since he's taken office!

Failing to Provide for the Future
John Kline's mission is obstruct and delay ... with the thought that a Republican resurgence in November will bring him more power like the Chair of the Labor and Education Committee. While he says one thing, Kline's voting record tells the real story. Kline's future America would provide immense tax cuts to the wealthy, increase taxes on poor and middle class to pay for out-of-controll war spending, privatize or do away with Medicare and Social Security and cut all social spending in education and transportation. A vote for Kline is a vote against families and community.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Rep. John Kline Is Too Busy To Debate

Rep. John Kline's schedule is just so busy these days! Way too busy to do his job. Just how busy is he? Well, he has no time to debate his DFL congressional challenger Shelley Madore or hold town meetings or allow voters in CD2 to hear about the issues. John Kline (R-MN-02) is just sooooo busy because in his own words....:
"I look forward to campaigning tonight in Clarksville, Tenn., with Stephen Fincher, a conservative candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 8th Congressional district."
Prior to Tennessee, Kline was in Iowa:
"I am campaigning today in Iowa with Ben Lange, who is running for Congress in Iowa's first district.... I am campaigning with Brad Zaun (Iowa-3) tonight and Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Iowa-2) on Saturday."
Prior to Iowa, Kline was in Wisconsin and then Illinois:

I campaigned last night in Wisconsin with Dan Kapanke and look forward to joining Randy Hultgren today in Illinois.
John Kline's priority is toward his party, the teabaggers, and himself.  Fortunately,  Kline doesn't have to come back to Minnesota before we send him back home to Texas . The election will happen even if Kline is still on his GOP/Tea Bag tour.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rep. John Kline's Refusal To Support Reforms Leads To Record Minnesota Foreclosures

Most Americans believe in and work toward the dream of  home ownership. For over 80% of Minnesota's families, that dream has been a reality. We believe if you work hard and play by the rules, you can afford to support your family and put a roof over their heads. Unfortunately, many are now losing their homes while our elected representatives like John Kline (R-MN-02) continue to vote against banking reforms and legislation that could save homes.

It has now come to light that Wells Fargo, the second-largest U.S. mortgage lender, used a worker who quickly rubber stamped documents without checking their accuracy. The worker said they processed as many as 500 foreclosures a day and only checked for signatures and dates as directed.

At the very same time Wells Fargo also posted up record earnings. Wells Fargo.'s profits jumped 20% from the prior quarter:
"US banking giant Wells Fargo projected Thursday a "record" three-billion-dollar profit in the first quarter, sparking hopes of recovery from a financial crisis that is battering the economy."
While Wells Fargo and other banks are posting up record earnings, and foreclosing on a record number of homes, Rep. John Kline has voted against banking reform that could save family homes (**see the below list of votes against regulations and reforms in the financial industry!). Besides voting against banking reform, Kline has voted for cash bailouts for Wall Street and Banks.

While many Minnesotans are losing their homes, and/or seeing their home values bottom out due to foreclosures, the banking industry is donating record amounts of money to political campaign like MN Congressman John Kline.

The American Bankers Assn has given Rep. John Kline. $20,000, ranking as a top contributors to Kline’s Campaign Committee and Leadership PAC. Additionally, Commercial Banks account for $28,608 toward John Kline's campaign war chest. Still receiving money from banking and the financial industry is not new to Kline, since coming into office, John Kline has always received money directly from Wells Fargo PACs.

Currently Minnesota's Attorney General Lori Swanson along with the other Attorney Generals in the remaining 49 states,  is investigating the banking industry's record foreclosures.

While working families struggle to get by, Wall Street CEOs use our tax dollars to enrich themselves and pay out massive bonuses and/or, like Wells Fargo, post record profits. Wall Street bonuses alone could stop every foreclosure in America through 2012.

Nobody is asking for lavish mansions, but Minnesotans are asking for a fair chance at the American Dream of owning a home. Unfortunately, nobody in Minnesota's Second Congressional District will find help from Rep. John Kline.  Instead of the American Dream, John Kline has chosen to support the lavish, rich and immoral lifestyle of banking and financial institutions and their CEOs over Minnesota's families and their American dream of home ownership.
**Rep. John Kline voted against authorizing bankruptcy courts to modify the terms of mortgages made on homeowners’ primary residences. The amendment would permit bankruptcy courts to restructure the debt on home mortgages by reducing the principal owed, extending repayment periods, reducing interest rates, and prohibiting, reducing, or delaying future interest rate increases saving countless homes for the working poor and middle class. [H.AMDT. 534 TO H.R. 4173]

**Kline voted against Wall Street Accountability and Consumer Protection...sigh...naturally siding with big business and corporations. [HR 4173]

**Representative Kline voted to bailout our country’s financial sector, but later voted against a bill to strengthen oversight of these TARP funds and make more community banks eligible to receive assistance. [HR384]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

John Kline Makes Another Worthless Pledge To Voters

Rep. John Kline (R-MN-02) has taken a "Pledge to America", a 21 page document that was put together by a House staffer who was a lobbyist for powerful oil, pharmaceutical and insurance companies up until April of this year. Under the heading a 'Call to Action' on the 'Pledge'  it states it was built through a process of 'listening to the people'. But instead the document was 'outsourced' from 'big business'. In other words, the very foundation of the 'Pledge to America' is built on a lie.

Along with other Republicans, Rep. John Kline pledges to return to the level of government we experienced under Bush. You remember back when these exact same Republicans including Kline were doubling the size of government, deregulate the banking, mortgage and wall street businesses making record profits while ignoring the needs of Americans.
"With our Pledge to America, we proposed bringing the federal budget back to where it stood before the bailouts, government takeovers, and failed stimulus"
The pledge has little to no substance and doesn't even mention balancing the budget! It's a joke and shows that John Kline is still not serious about fair governance or finding solutions to American problems.  Eliminating wasteful and applicative programs in government is a good idea, so maybe we could start by replacing John Kline with someone who would actually work for us?

So let's take a look at what Kline's pledge plan will do...

Create more lower paying Jobs...
Keep the minimum wage at $5.25 for another ten years (Kline voted against raising the minimum wage...we're not even talking a 'living wage', while voting against any job creation plans by the current administration.)

Freeze all government growth (Given the majority of new jobs this year were in the government sector, won't that send the American economy into free fall?)

Take care of Corporations...
Give fat tax breaks to his oil company pals (Kline takes more corporate money from oil companies than any other Congressperson in Minnesota.)

Continue to allow the drug and oil companies to make federal policy (Kline is supported by big corporations and votes lock-step with their agenda including wanting to stop health care reform but voting for bank bail outs.)

Eliminate all government regulations so that big business can generate even more profits at our environment and workers expense (Kline's mantras of Self Regulation with Drill, Baby, Drill)

Care for the Wealthy and eliminate the Middle Class...
Extend the Bush/Kline era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% and eliminate the estate tax and $1 trillion in revenue in the process (Kline wants his rich friends to be taken care of, he refuses to support tax breaks for the middle and lower class while supporting extending the Bush/Kline tax cuts.)

Destroy social security (Kline wants to stop all government spending...even those programs that we paid into for our retirement)

Reduce funding for health, education and social services across-the-board (Kline's record clearly shows a pattern of voting against any support programs while voting for any programs supporting war.)

Continue to send troops to die in war, squandering precious military and financial resources that could be used here at home. (Kline has never seen a war he didn't support. Currently over 40% of the American budget goes toward war. That money could fund our education system, put Americans back to work, and pay off our national debt.)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why John Kline Won't Debate

Rep. John Kline (R- MN-02) is really quite good at avoiding public debates with his challenger in CD2, DFL endorsed  candidate Shelley Madore.

Kline has refused debates from the League of Women Voters, the Chambers of Commerce and numerous newspapers in the district to arrange debates. It looks like the only time the two will meet face to face is for 25 minutes right before the election on a MPR debate late next month. So one can't help but ask...Why won't Congressman Kline debate his challenger. Naturally I came up with a few reasons:

 10.  Stuck in traffic in CD2 due to crumbling roads
 9.    Kline and his supporters don't like to cloud up their brains with facts.
 8.    His corporate sponsors won't pay for it.
 7.    Considers debates as 'earmarks'.
 6.    Needs more time to enact another tax break for the wealthy
 5.    Schedule for debate thrown off already by too many debate cancellations
 4.    On deadline to finish his self help book, "How I Got Rich as a Congressman Without Working (or debating)!"
 3.    Kline never does public services for the people that elected him to office...ever
 2.    Debate schedule conflicts with tea party

and the number one reason:
1.   Must have something to hide!