Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Unholy Alliance: Kline, Hastert, Boehner

..."How can we trust them to protect America when they can't even protect the summer interns on Capitol Hill."....

Mark Foley (R-FL) targeted underage teenage pages in WA. DC.
The inappropriate "contact" was known by GOP leadership for several months (if not years) and covered up.

The Start:
John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) told The Washington Post on Friday that he had learned in late spring of inappropriate e-mails Foley sent to the page, a boy from Louisiana, and that he promptly told Hastert, who appeared to know already of the concerns. Hours later, Boehner contacted The Post to say he could not be sure he had spoken with Hastert.

As if it wasn't bad enough that John Boehner knew about Foley's track record of sexual harassment of his underage pages, now it turns out that Speaker Denny Hastert lied about what he knew and when he knew it just as Boehner lost his memory after the cat got out!

Thomas Reynolds (R-NY), the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told Hastert about Foley's predatory actions in late winter or early spring of this year. Only after Reynolds released his statement did Hastert acknowledge that he knew about Foley's earlier issues.

Did John Kline (R-MN) know about Foley's crimes? That remains to be seen. But we do know that Kline is in 'tight' with both Boehner and Hastert.

Kline and Hastert
John Kline said he is 100% with Dennis Hastert and believes that the GOP Leader didn’t know about Mark Foley’s sexual harassment of underage pages. In the past Kline has said that Hastert is a hero of his: John Kline credits Hastert with healing and unifying the House of Representatives after leadership turbulence. (yeah even at the risk of putting children at the mercy of a pedophile.) Hastert has come to MN to raise money for Kline!

Kline and Boehner
Kline supported Boehner’s run for Majority Leader. Kline, Kennedy and Boehner traveled in MN several years back in support of Boehner's “No Child Left Behind’ .

Hastert and Boehner
Both Majority Leader Boehner and Dennis Hastert have lied to the media and American public in an effort to coverup their involvement with a coverup. They both have history regarding ethic issues: Dennis Hastert has a long history of covering up GOP ethics scandals. He was the one who put the boot to Republican Joel Hefley as Chairman of the House Ethics Committee when he refused to give Tom DeLay a pass on his cornucopia of violations, and also helpfully stacked the committee with those indebted to DeLay's PAC for their re-election funds.

Besides handing out tobacco checks to members on the floor, John Boehner used his cellular phone in 1996 to participate in a conference call with Gingrich and other key Republicans regarding Gingrich's response to his ethics violations. Ultimately it lead to Boehner being disgraced and Delay raising in political power. Gingrich went on to resign.

It's Just Wrong
Kline's willingness to stand 100% with a GOP leadership that would coverup for a pedophile and keep teenagers at risk destroys all his credibility. On his website Kline says:
We live in a special place and the values we share - faith and family, freedom and individual responsibility - are the values I strive to represent in Washington, D.C.
What crock! No 0ne with Minnesota values would stand with criminals at the risk of children.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone accused Foley of actually being a pedophile yet? Is it just the emails?