Thursday, March 02, 2006

John Kline (R-MN) By The Numbers

FY2007 Budget by the Numbers

$2.77 trillion - Total Budget
$1.7 trillion - Cost of tax give-ways (2007-2016)
$354 billion - Increase in the federal deficit in 2007
$105 billion - Cut from Medicare (2007-2016)
$42.3 billion - Cut from Medicaid (2007-2016)
$2.1 billion - Cut from Education
$13 Million - Cut from medical/prosthetic research at the Veterans Administration

$0 - ELIMINATED: Perkins loan forgiveness for students
pursuing careers in police, teaching, military
$0 - ELIMINATED: Law Enforcement Terrorism Protection
$0 - ELIMINATED: COPS Law Enforcement Technology grants
$0 - ELIMINATED: Safe and Drug Free Schools

$0 - Budget to feed, clothe and protect U.S. troops in Iraq
(Kline must think the War is free!)

As war spending grows, deficits skyrocket and human needs are ignored. The United States accounts for nearly half the world's military spending.

We spend seven times that of China, 22 times that of Russia, and 50 times that of North Korea and Iran combined. With the funds wasted in Iraq to date we could have ended hunger and poverty in America.

Minnesota taxpayers in 2006 will pay $2 billion for the Iraq war.

Meanwhile, federal cuts will cost Minnesota $2.5 million in WIC funds,
$13.4 million in Community Development Block Grants,
$4.1 million in spending for the clean water state revolving fund,
217 Head Start slots,
$6.8 million in funds for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program,
$18.6 million from vocational education and all federal funds for community policing.

The good news is that Minnesotans can use the upcoming elections to reverse these trends by voting John Kline back to Texas.

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