Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kline's Obstructionist Voting Record

In his pattern of voting against anything that doesn’t further big corporations or the very rich….John Kline continues to vote NO for any bill that would enrich or improve the lives of constituents.…

John Kline voted NO…against the COPS Improvement Act of 2009. This act would amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to enhance the COPS ON THE BEAT grant program. This would authorized a five year $1.8 billion funding for the Community oriented Policing program. Fortunately the motion passed by a 2/3 yes vote.

Kline voted NO on HR1746, (Jim Oberstar’s attempt to amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to reauthorized FEMA’s pre-disaster mitigation program) read more on this at DownWithTyranny.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Kline's Pork Spending

Isn't it ironic that Rep. John Kline uses 'franking priviliges' in sending out a full color four page advertisement to tell us how he's against earmarks and standing up for Minnesota's working families. I guess Kline doesn't consider a couple of hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers money paying for his self-promotion as 'pork'!?

Rep. Kline should take his own advice and not waste taxpayer's money..."[Kline] strongly opposes" wasting tax dollars "at a time when so many of our neighbors are struggling". So is it okay to waste taxpayer's money when it goes to his self promotion?

The four full color pages were labled has a 'report on the economy from Congressman John Kline" but 3/4 of the 'report' was pictures and graphics unrelated to the economy. This 'report' was meant to be a soft promotional piece used in campaigns.

Kline says "we should expect our government to do the same thing" as families that have to cut costs and make how about it Kline?...You stop using taxpayer money for your self promotion! That's a load of crap pork we can't afford.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kline Wants To Eliminate Medicare

There must be $49,000 worth of reasons
Rep. John Kline (R- Fantasyland) wants to eliminated the current government-run Medicare program for people under the age of 55 — replacing it with a system of private insurance. Hmm.. once again Kline wants to see off Medicare so that private insurers are ensured more profits. Wonder why?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kline Is Predictably NO!

John Kline has become predictably out of center in his voting record. His vote record this session has shown a pattern of being unwilling to work across partisan lines to further the needs of American people. His obstructive pettiness is putting his radical ideology ahead of the community good is hurting people and contrary to the needs of our country. Let examine his vote record from last week...each of the below bills did pass...fortunately not all republicans are obstructionist:
  • Rep. John Kline voted NO on the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act. This will reauthorize and reform the national service laws. Guess John doesn't believe in volunteerism or Education.
  • Rep. John Kline voted NO to amend the executive compensation provisions of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 208. This act prohibits unreasonable and excessive compensation and compensation not based on performance standards. The bill intended to curb bonuses of executives at financial institutions that receive Troubled Asset Relief Program money. Kline must of thought that voting against limiting fat cat's million/billion bonuses might affect hi fundraising....afterall...can't have CEOs mad at Kline for limiting their outrageous compensations?!
  • Rep. John Kline voted NO to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This bill gives the FDA regulatory authority over tobacco, but would not allow the agency to ban cigarettes or other tobacco products. John must feel that there's no reason to protect the public health.
  • Rep. John Kline voted NO to the Congressional Budget for Fiscal Year 2010. This is where the house pass their version of the national budget for fiscal year 2010. SO in essence he couldn't work as a team with his own body to reach consensus.

Right now people are deeply worried about staying employed and taking care of their families. Democrats with the help of moderate Republicans are trying to set right our economy and improve the country. They are reaching across partisan lines to make a difference by working as a team. Meanwhile...Kline is stuck in his old ways of 'my way''s going to be a long predictable year for Kline. Unfortunately his allegiance to ideology hurts his all of us.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kline Sides With Outsiders Against Minnesota's Voters

Why does Congressman Kline continue to side with those from outside the state that want to block voter's wishes and keep Minnesotan's from having adequate representation in the U.S. Senate?

GOP operatives outside Minnesota and John Kline are encouraging Coleman to be as litigious as possible in taking his losing fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, even though they know he has no chance of winning! This continues to deny Democrats the 59th Senate seat that Franken would represent while also ignores the democratic process used in elections. To them it's just partisan game to deny voters and further thier ideology at Minnesotans expense.

“I hope the governor, and I expect he will, will do the right thing. The right thing is to get this through the courts and get a definitive answer. I’m sure the governor is as concerned as I am that this process has got so many discrepancies and disparities in it that it needs to go through the courts and be resolved.”

Kline knows there was an election and recount. There was a 3 judge panel that looked at the recount to make sure it was fair and followed the law. There were republicans on the panels, so what discrepancies and disparities is Kline referring to? The process was fair to both, translucent, open, and done according to law.

Someone should point out to John Kline that the United States Constitution guaranteed two senators for the state of Minnesota. That is what really is at stake here...constitutional rights verses GOP ideology's abuse of a process that allows for never ending lawsuits. John Kline's hatred of democracy and partisan obstructionism is really something to behold...