Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Kline Honors His Replacement!

As Rep. John Kline had the privilege of greeting and honoring the returning members of the 1st BCT last Friday at Fort McCoy, how ironic he may have also been welcoming his replacement! Steve Sarvi is creating quite the buzz among CD2 Democrats and while he hasn't officially announced, my sources tell me this is all but a done deal.

Having had the chance to meet with his father, Al Sarvi, and find out his son's background and experience, I can only say 'wow'. Kline will have a fight on his hand in the coming months with this Walz-like, hopefully soon-to-be candidate.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bachman and Kline: Peas in a Pod

I been noticing disturbing trend with U.S. Representatives Michele Bachman and John Kline. This year both have voted the same on every single issue (minus one!). Statistically what is the chances of that? Are they really just partisan lapdogs twins separated at birth?

Most recently, they both voted against Making College Education More Affordable for Minnesotan.

Second and Sixth District Republicans Vote against Making College
Education More Affordable for Minnesotans
St. Paul, MN (July 12, 2007)

U.S. Representatives Michele Bachmann and John Kline once again sided against Minnesota students and their families Wednesday when they voted against the College Cost Reduction Act (H.R. 2669), which would ease the cost of a college education for middle-class and working families.

This is not the first time Representatives Bachmann and Kline have stood against Minnesotans’ attempting to improve their lives through higher education: InJanuary, both also voted against the College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5), which gradually reduces interest rates on student loans. Both bills overwhelmingly passed the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.Minnesota college graduates’ average debt load already ranks among the highest in the country. The College Cost Reduction Act would save the average Minnesotacollege student over $4,000 in interest repayment, and would increase the size of Pell Grants for as many as 86,000 more students.

Monday, July 16, 2007

More Bias Media

The Strib take the 'low road' ...again
Ollie at Bluestem Prairie wants to know “if the Strib political editor D.J. Tice have a special standard for the Sixth or what?” I would offer up that the ‘special standard’ seems to apply to reporter Kevin Diaz and the misplaced trust the Strib continues to give him. Diaz slates his stories in just such a way to create a bias that support the Republican incumbents. This went on all last election cycle in the Second Congressional District. It’s time for the Strib to decide if they want to play partisan hacker or real press.

The Strib commends Kline for building war machine research:
It’s disturbing to know that Minnesota's second congressional Representatives John Kline is willing to spend hundred of thousands of dollars on this type of research but not on stem cell research, or education, or healthcare, or transportation, or childcare, ...

The strib article ends saying: "I just pray that she gets there and comes back, because my little grandchildren need her. That's the bottom line. They need her," he said. "And the idea of her not being able to be there with them ... it's a hurting feeling."

We all hope she’s safe, but if leaders like Kline would put a stop to this senseless war, she would be home safe now, there would be no need for this type of expenditure, and her grandchildren could actually have decent education and healthcare instead of deeper cuts for more war! BTW- the grandkids each have a debt of $29,300+ to pay off for this war...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Call Congressman John Kline

Your help is today:
Yesterday, David Wellstone gave passionate testimony at a hearing for the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, a bipartisan bill that would end the discrimination against people with mental illness and addiction and ensure that mental health care costs are covered equally by insurance companies, just like other medical costs.

Your Congressman John Kline was at the hearing and is a key member of the committee that will decide if we will finally achieve Senator Paul Wellstone's passionately held priority for fairness for people with mental illness. David said he had a good exchange with him, and believes that now he needs to hear that his constituents support mental health parity so we can overpower the big insurance lobby.

Can you make a quick phone call to Congressman Kline and tell him that you support the Wellstone bill?

The message is simple: " I am calling to urge you to support the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act (HR 1424). This is a bipartisan bill that is co-sponsored by a majority of House members. It is common sense legislation that ends discrimination against people suffering from mental illness and addiction. The Wellstone bill is fair, just, and long overdue. Please support this strong bill and urge your colleagues to finally pass it out of the House this year."

Congressman Kline can be reached at 202-225-2271 and/or at his Burnsville office at 952-808-1213. Please call now!

Let us know if you made the call by emailing

Thanks,Wellstone Action