Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Star Tribune Dismisses CD2 Voters

The Star Tribune changes their ‘rules’ regarding endorsements, sigh…this time to ‘balance’ the Congressional delegation. In an arrogence surpassed only by thier disregard for voters the Star decided to back Darth Vader John Kline:

With Democrats expected to pick up House seats this election, Kline will provide needed balance in the House. His calls for fiscal responsibility will be particularly welcome. Also valuable is Kline's level-headed approach to foreign policy. Throughout this election, Kline has stressed the role of diplomacy and the power of economic sanctions.(Strib)

Hmm, so in essences, the Tribune says we need Darth Vader to 'balance' all those pesty good guys? Give me a break! The Star didn’t even bother to interview his challenger Steve Sarvi !….It’s so pathetically stupid and perverse. What's missing from their ‘endorsement’ is an in-depth look or even a summary comparison of Sarvi’s and Kline's stands on the issues. In other words, they don’t do endorsements, just try and level the field? I’m sure the voters appreciate their shallowness. In fact it reminds me of another previous endorsement in CD2 that was ‘fixed’ for Kline.

Referring to Kline, the Tribune cites his 'level-headed' approach but doesn’t remind readers that Kline has voted against children’s health, against veteran’s programs, against adequate protection for troops, and even against the I35 bridge funding but for massive overspending that profited the war industry and give us a record deficit. The Tribune never once mentions the war, corporate tax breaks, big gas company subsidies, or Kline’s support of Bush's failed agenda. Remember Kline even wanted to 'privatize Social Security'...

You know you can agree or disagree with individual positions and issues but it's the lacking values that make John Kline wrong for Minnesota and the fact that the Tribune would endorse him for ‘balanced’ is all but laughable.

I could say more but I need to cancel my newspaper subscription…in an effort to ‘balance’ the ‘just how moronic do you think your readers are’ level. In the past I could justify the paper as ‘fire starter’ but there isn’t enough solid content for even that now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kline's Secretive Partisan Do Nothing-ish

John Kline's recent ad about being against earmarks (which make up less than half a percent of the federal budget) and his attempt to focus on it during debates shows his lack of concern for voters. While CD2 cities burns...Kline fiddles...His extremist stance doesn't change one iota anything or save one dime. What it does is exclude Minnesotans and CD2 voters from needed funding for projects.

John prefer to champion earmarks instead of address all the issues that now face us -from housing, economy, health care to education and gas prices that do significantly make up the federal budget. It grand stand on empty issues that don't improve our status or save money but does distract from the real issues.

Only since the Democrats took control of the House has Kline been against earmarks. Prior to that, Kline was all for them including Alaska's bridge to nowhere. Under scrutiny it appears that Kline's stance on earmark is a way to vote against bills that would otherwise help our communities.

There's no better indication of this obstructionist stance than Kline's vote regarding earmark reform legislation in January of 2007 (when the Democrats took control). In the 2007 the Democratic 'earmark' reform bill would require any bill with earmarks contain the name of a legislator who introduced the inserted earmark, tax or tariff benefit be included in a report attached to that bill. Instead of voting for reform, Kline voted against the House Resolution 6 on January 5, 2007 .

To date the earmark process has been an efficient way for congress to fund small projects around the country that would not warrant the costly and lengthy process of separate bills. When done openly, the process allows for scrutiny of the merits of these projects and puts the proposing legislator in the position of defending their request as well as recording it for the public.

Total congressional earmarks for fiscal year 2008 were worth $18.3 billion. The Department of Defense appropriations bill gobbled up $7.9 billion of that $18 billion. So, 43% of earmark money—almost half—goes to military “uses” that our military never sought in their own proposed budget! Maybe “earmarks’ for parks, bridges, children’s hospitals, and, yes, children’s museums—analyzed by local leaders—are not a scandal, but a positive function of government.

Which leads us to these conclusions:

  1. Kline favors earmarks but only if done secretly, without names attached so the public can't truely monitor the process excessives as it was during the GOP lead House...or,
  2. Kline much like throwing himself under the wheels of partisanship to obstruct funding of such projects like the I35 bridge, wants to blocking all Democratic Legislation regardless who it may help or what it will fund but not saving a single dime of earmarks overall (it will just go to another Congressional district!).
  3. Kline just needed to have something other than his dismal record to discuss during election time and debates
Secretiveness, do nothing and partisan blockage... traits or next CD2 Congressman has promised not to do.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Outrageous Kline Round Up

Once again, John Kline feigns outrage... Gee for a big tough soldier, John Kline certainly can get 'outraged' easily…Reminds me of another bumbling, self-serving bureaucratic Colonel...

How 'outraged' is Kline? Wonder if he's outraged enough to send out fundraising letters like he did when he was 'outraged' last time. Oh, and would you send him some money to fight that major injustice. How pathetic is that? Well almost as pathetic as his current 'outrage'

John Kline can't seem to work up any outrage at jobs being loss and outsourced, selling America's infrastructure to foreign countries, bridges falling down, giving tax breaks to the wealthy while cutting services to working families, freezing pell grants, slashing funding to veterans, crumbling financial market and taking money from criminals, but he's 'outraged' at Ashwin Media. That's right a DFL candidate not even running against him!? (Tell me you don't think of Colonel Klink when you see John Kline get outraged over this crap instead of real issues?)

Wonder if John is still outraged or if he apologized?….check out Minnesota Blog

" OMG, talk about conduct unbecoming of an officer! " Blue man in a Red district

"...Republicans and John Kline are bad for small business!"

"...John Kline is a huge hypocrite. Some things never change. " Minnesota Campaign Report

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kline To Avoid Solutions While Being GOP Attack Dog

By his own admission Congressman John Kline no longer works for his constituents. Kline talks about "rational priorities" yet chooses to fight partisan windmills while the rest of the country falls into economic chaos. John Kline became the GOP attack dog to go after CD3's congressional candidate Ashwin Media. Toward that end Kline emotes outrage at Ashwin Media for showing in a TV ad he was a Marine like... hmmm... well... just like in Kline's TV ads...

Showing disdain for his own district's constituents by ignoring the massive problems they face like home foreclosures, soaring gas/energy prices, inadequate funding of education and infrastructure, plus the financial crisis, Kline goes on a personal attack for the GOP.

Really, John, really? Is this the best you can do? Is this really the best the GOP can do?...

An incumbent Congressman with no credibility left because he won't work to fund projects in his own district, who smiles when racial slurs are issued (see pic) by his supporters like Gayle Quinnel (Shakopee) at a McCain rally, who voted lock step with the Bush administration, who instead of addressing the very serious issues facing Americans and looking for solutions, he becomes an attack dog for the GOP. No wonder Kline avoids open town hall meetings.

Voters are fed up with this blantant anti-soical partisan behavior. Voters want a honest discussion of the issues with real solutions, it's past time for such's time for change...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Thumbs Down To Kline TV Ad

Congressman Kline has a new TV ad which is a lot like the Congressman...big on promises but short on support...

...As pointed out on MNPUBLIS
"Kline voted against the independent panel on ethics, voted against earmark reform in January 2007, and actually has been the beneficiary of earmarks many times before, as well as voting for earmarks that have nothing to do with Minnesotans"

Kline did vote to fund the infamous 'bridge to nowhere' earmark porker...but that must have been before he saw the light...Meanwhile Kline has voted against any Democratic sponsored bill including voting against a resolution to suspend the rules so the emergency aid to fund the I35W bridge could be considered. But ultimately he had to vote for funding the bridge (earmark) because of the ruckus it caused among Minnesotans.

So let's recap...
  • U.S. economy in the toilet and Kline is consumed with earmarks that represent less thank ONE PERCENT of the federal budget.
  • All pork is not least in John Kline's world where he'll gladly vote for a bridge to nowhere but not Minnesota's I35 Bridge rebuild.

Not much of a TV ad...much like Kline isn't much of a leader.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Had Enough of Kline?

John Kline needs a big 2do like this Friday's McCain visit to bolster his fading numbers. Even his own faithful are deserting him like Kevin Masrud. Over the last several weeks many republicans have contacted the Sarvi campaign saying the can no longer support Kline's lack of leadership, his fiscal irresponsibility, and his lack of community support. In short, they've had enough.

How about you?