Friday, June 20, 2008

John Kline Hosting 'The Grand Oil Party'

Rep. John Kline has accepted almost $100,000 from Oil Companies. So no surprise that 91% of Rep. John Kline votes supports the Oil Industry. While the biggest oil companies make $1oo billion plus in profits each year, Kline continues to support legislation that waives billions in royalties over the next several years #84, 2/27/08 . John Kline even voted against renewable energy credits and for protecting special tax breaks for big oil.

But not content to just support Big Oil, John has continue to vote against measures that would enable Minnesota's to save money and reduce dependency on foreign Oil.
Kline voted against the Energy Independence and Security Act, designed to save consumers $1,000 a year at the pump. It is also expected to cut demand for oil by two million barrels a day by 2030. [Vote #1177, 12/18/07; Reuters, 12/18/07; Vote #1140, 12/6/07], Kline has voted against measures to crack down on price gouging and giving the Federal Trade Commission more authority to investigate and prosecute predatory pricing, price gouging and market manipulation.
Next time you fill up your gas tank, ask yourself, can Minnesotans continue to afford John Kline and his Big Oil votes?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kline Should Be In Jail

You know several people should be sitting in jail for this:

"In fiscal year 2005, federal earmarks directed to Minnesota totaled less than $4.54 billion – well below the national average. The United States’ entire estimated spending in Iraq through 2008 is $1.3 trillion – 28 times the amount of federal earmarks in all 50 states. And according to a BBC investigation, a staggering 17 percent ($23 billion) of Iraq expenditures are estimated to have been lost, stolen or not properly accounted for. "

As it was on John Kline's watch...and remember John Kline is heading up the camp of arrogant swines that brag about not seeking earmarks for Minnesota projects while being the head cheerleader for wasteful spending in Iraq...he should be sitting in jail.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Rising Cost of Kline's Voting Record

While NWA is tightening it’s belt by laying off workers, charging more, outsourcing jobs and reducing benefits, CEO Steenland is still making millions and all with Rep. John Kline’s support.

Rep. Kline voted not to support a bill (HR 1257) that would permit shareholders in public corporations to cast an advisory non-binding vote to approve or disapprove executive pay packages, golden parachutes and gigantic pay bonuses even after they show a poor performance like Steenland has running NWA for years without a profit and including bankruptcy!

NWA is reducing both capacity and staff according to Steenland who cited rising oil costs. So expect NWA to raise fares, fees, fuel surcharges and what you pay for drinks. In essenses, while we pay more for less, Steenland still receives millions.

I’ve written about Kline and Steenland before here and here. Since taking NWA through bankruptcy Northwest Airlines CEO Doug Steenland’s contract gives him an unusual one-month window to voluntarily leave the airline while collect a special payment of close to 8 million dollars (7.8 to be exact!). Can you say ‘golden parachute’? And, If NWA merges with Delta the payoff would be around 22 million. His compensation last year was $27 million (although much of that evaporated with the airline’s sinking share prices). Still his compensation was in the millions.

How can Kline say he's fiscally responsible when his vote record tells us another story?

Monday, June 16, 2008

The John Kline DIet!

Most of us work hard to put food on the table for our family but with the increase prices in recent years, food has become increasingly more expensive. In the last year alone the price of food in the USA has increased 5 %. We all have to work longer and harder. Since all of us need food to survive, you would think our representative John Kline would be trying to lower the cost of food...but...

Rep. John Kline cosponsored a bill (HR25) that would impose a 23% tax on all goods and service purchased within the US starting in 2009!...Yes you read correctly TWENTY THREE PERCENT increase on all goods and services including food! So much for John being fiscally conservative!

While Marie-Antoinette was incorrectly attributed the phrase 'Que ne mangent-ils de la croûte de pâté?' when informed that her country people had no bread, John Kline is so out of touch with CD2's working middle class he has uttered 'Let them eat cake!' by his vote record alone!

Can we really afford the diet John Kline wants to put us on?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why John Kline Doesn't Do Town Hall Meetings

"You are more than welcome to look at my congressional record"