Friday, October 27, 2006

John Kline Turns To Comedy

Mark Kennedy, who was joined by fellow Minnesota Republican congressman John Kline, called for more debate on the war on terror, saying it deserves more time. Then Kline added:

"I, like Mark, am tired of people saying, 'Well, we don't like the war in Iraq, we'll just make it better.' That's empty rhetoric,"

How can Kline talk of 'empty rhetoric' when his expensive, massive corporate welfare, devoid of policy war in Iraq has killed 99 military deaths in October alone?

And since when can John Kline join Mark Kennedy in calling for more debate when Kline is ducking out of debates with his opponent Coleen Rowley? Unless, of course, the fix is in and the moderator is partisan to the NeoCon issues.

Oh, now I get it, Kline is being funny! What a card! I'll be sure to catch him on SNL but I sure won't be voting for the joker!

With all the important issues facing Minnesotans (most of which came under Kline's leadership!), we need a new direction with a well thought out policy, not more of Kline's empty negative threats and misleading statements.

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