Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Beginning of the DeKline

John Kline stands for funding the Iraq War for as long it takes. Toward that end he has taken away funding from educations, transportation, health care, and jobs. Kline has consistently voted againist everything but funding the war or tax breaks for big oil companies or the wealthy. John Kline has even boosted of not looking for or voting for additional funding for any of the needs in our communities!

Had enough of this outrageous behavior? Want a representative that will work for the common good. Well then, change it starting tonight at caucuses. Go to your precinct caucus tonight. Talk about how Kline has continued to not represent the interests of minnesota and congressional district 2. Caucus and support the two great Democratic candidates (Steve Sarvi and Dan Powers).

The way to stop Kline starts tonight. Get involved. Make your voices heard.

To find your caucus location: WWW.SOS.STATE.MN.US

Monday, February 04, 2008

John Kline's Record

John Kline doesn't represent Minnesota, our community or families. During the current 110th session of Congress, Republican Representative John Kline voted against:

Reducing deficit spending,
Improving homeland protection,
Raising the minimum wage,
Reducing drug prices for Medicare recipients,
Reducing interest rates on student loans,
Strengthening the Freedom of Information Act,
Reducing dependency on foreign oil,
Ending the Iraq war,
Protecting employees forming labor unions,
Protecting Federal whistleblowers who expose corruption,
Rebuilding public housing for Katrina victims,
Limiting executive pay in publicly traded corporations,
Expanding protection against hate crimes,
Protecting consumers from price gouging oil companies,
Funding environmental protection,
Acknowledging and addressing global warming,
Funding the replacement of Minnesota's I 35 Bridge,
Reauthorizing the HOPE program to repair public housing,
Reauthorizing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

What Kline voted for? Funding the Iraq War.