Friday, October 06, 2006

DeKlining Judgement or Deception?

John Kline's party of “family values” was more than willing to throw their ideals out the window if it meant keeping a seat in the House. Let's see, keep a seat in congress or allow children to be sexually victimized?

It's no secret that all five of the House Republican members of Congress accused of covering up the Mark Foley congressional page child predator scandal are Christians. And most of them, not surprisingly, are conservatives. Kline is also Christian and conservative and associates with them. Hmmm...

According to Roll Call , Boehner told Alexander to go to Reynolds with his concerns about Foley’s behavior in early spring (February of 2006). That would be after Boehner had become Majority Leader. Kline supported Boehner as a friend for the Majority Leader position saying Boehner was:
"a breath of fresh air to a body in need of reform" and a man who will lead "with experience and integrity"
Kline has also taken $1,000 from House Majority Leader John Boehner and received $35,574 from Boehner's "Freedom Project" PAC! Even Kline characterizes their relationship as being close:
I supported Congressman John Boehner because over the last three years I've seen his leadership up close. Boehner is the chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee, of which I am a member.

John Kline goes on the say:
"..I knew I was supporting someone with a proven record who would lead us with experience and integrity."
Given all the above, can we really rely on John Kline's judgement? The GOP leadership has betrayed the trust of Americans and led us into an unjustified war, now they covered for a pedophile while children where victimized. Where's the shame?

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