Monday, October 09, 2006

I Am A Veteran

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Both my grandfathers were veterans – Grandpa Nels was in Europe the day the Armistice was signed ending WWI. My father-in-law served on the sub USS Grenadier in WWII. My brother and I served peacetime.

I am writing this to you on behalf of Coleen Rowley – who was born on an Army base at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Her father and father-in-law both served in the military; her brother retired a year ago from the Air Force; her brother-in-law, a West-Point Graduate, is retired from the Army; and her daughter is in her senior year of Naval ROTC.

Like you, like me, Coleen Rowley is intimately familiar with the military, with veterans, and how veterans issues affect veterans families. This is why I am writing you this letter. There are only 36 days left until the election – and I am asking for your support and help. I am especially asking for your help in door knocking for Coleen Rowley; to let voters see that veterans and family members of veterans support Coleen Rowley – because Coleen Rowley supports veterans and veteran’s families.

I’m Tommy Johnson, and I’m a Veteran For Rowley

The above letter was posted up at VFC, Vote Coleen Rowley. Kline's lastest mud slinging is to question Coleen's stand against the war as hurting the troop. Funny thing is - a majority of our troops support Coleen's position over John Kline's cemented 'Stand and Die' position. Had enough 'em out!

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