Thursday, October 23, 2014

Newspaper Star Tribune Notices For-Profit Schools Are On Probation, Should Also Notice Obermueller

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The StarTribune hasn’t endorsed a Congressional District 2 candidate yet, but hopefully it will endorse Mike Obermueller. After all, the paper just published that some for-profit schools have been put on probation by the Pentagon.
The Department of Defense has placed Globe University and its ­sister, the Minnesota School of Business, on probation, meaning the schools can no longer accept some federal military educational benefits.
Current students can remain at the schools, but the restriction, made public this week, is the latest bad news to hit the two Minnesota-based for-profit schools. Attorney General Lori Swanson is suing them for deceptive marketing practices and fraud.
Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Defense Department spokesman, said the Pentagon does not disclose information regarding any pending enforcement action for specific schools participating in its Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding.
But the program’s website lists both Globe and Minnesota School of Business as being on ­probationary status, meaning the schools are not in compliance with the program, either because of a loss of accreditation, or because the Pentagon is investigating a complaint about the school.
Of 96 schools in Minnesota participating in the Department of Defense program, Globe and MSB are the only schools on probation, according to the website. The program monitors compliance of federal military tuition assistance programs.

Below is a list of Globe University / MSB schools listed as on probation:

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Lawmaker John Kline blocks regulation against these schools and receives money associated with these schools. Kline’s opponent Mike Obermueller had this to say:

Eagan — Second district congressional candidate Mike Obermueller released the following statement regarding the Pentagon’s decision to put Globe University and the Minnesota School of Business on probation:
“This is yet another troubling sign of the abuse by for-profit colleges, this time right here in Minnesota. These schools appear to have been exploiting veterans, and to have been getting away with it for decades.
“It’s great news that the Attorney General and the Pentagon are taking a harder look at these schools. However, disciplinary action isn’t enough — we need to prevent these organizations from being able to maliciously target military veterans in the first place. These disgraceful tactics could be stopped through simple federal action, but so far Congress has chosen to ignore the problem.
“What’s most troubling about this is that Congressman Kline, as both the chair of the Education and Workforce Committee and a member of the Armed Services Committee, is in a unique position to stop for-profits schools from targeting veterans. Instead, however, he’s padding his campaign coffers with their money and choosing to look the other way.
“This is exactly the type of behavior that Minnesotans are sick and tired of seeing in their politicians. We need people in Congress who are willing to look past their next election, and push for reform that will help our veterans. That’s exactly the type of leader I’ll be when I’m representing the second district.”
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