Thursday, October 12, 2006

Issues? What Issues?

The Star Tribune has long been promising to run stories that focus on the issues in Minnesota's Second Congressional District race. I hope what the Strib published today is not its definition of an "issue story". If you're looking for a feature story that glosses over or doesn't mention most of the issues in this campaign, read the stories from Kevin Diaz on John Kline and David Peterson on Coleen Rowley.

What's missing from either story is an in-depth look or even a summary comparison of the Rowley and Kline's stands on the issues. You won't find that on John Kline's site. Luckily there is a reasonably good comparison posted up on Rowley's site this morning. Good reading and suggested for all who are still trying to make up their mind in this very crucial race.

Believe it or not, voters are interested in the issues this election. I hope the Strib gets around to doing more than it's voter guide listing on this race between now and the election.

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lloydletta said...

Diaz in a story on Bachmann v Wetterling race that Bachmann is also known as a child safety advocate. He took that tidbit from Bachmann's claims - and didn't fact check it.