Monday, October 02, 2006

Wanted: A Congressional Leader Who Believes In Open and Fair Debate

America's government was built on the principle of debate, on the view that every voice has merit, and while the representation in government of every view should be based upon the number of people who share that view, the strength of all voices should be equal.

Unfortunately, Kline's congressional staff who recently locked their door during business hours while hiding within, seem to have learnt how to duck and hide from CD2 constiuents and voters from their boss, Congressman Kline:

"Looking for a face-to-face, no-holds-barred political row between U.S. Rep. John Kline, a Republican, and his Democratic opponent, Coleen Rowley?

You might have to keep looking.The Kline campaign informed the League of Women Voters last week that the congressman is declining its invitation to participate in a three-way debate Oct. 14, in the thick of the election season."

It shouldn't be a big surprise that Congressman Kline doesn't want to debate given his previous vote record and support of:
  • Warrantless Wiretapping
  • The Patriot Act and it's limits to American freedoms
  • Secret Tribunales
  • Torture
  • No Corporate or Congressional oversights
  • Secret Prisons
  • Denying habeas jurisdiction (US citizens and children!)
  • The War

John Kline uses words like 'democracy' often in his speeches, but just like Mark Foley, Kline doesn't practice what he preaches.

In the United States, all Americans are supposed to have a voice. All Americans are supposed to be able to say their piece and be heard. But in Kline's America, a society with open and fair debate is nothing more than a long-distant memory.

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