Thursday, November 02, 2006

Funny, Fishy Fishstick Facts

Not only does Mr. Smelly Fish muff the facts in an endorsement by the Pioneer Press causing them embarrassment and a printed correction, now Mr. 'don't eat the tainted' Fishsticks Westover, gets in a personal attack against Coleen Rowley on his blog that of all things includes an attacks of her music sense!

(It’s more than a little symbolic that Rowley credits performer, Pete Seeger with the “gone to graveyards everyone” line rather than lyrist/composer Bob Dylan. She also misquotes it -- soldiers not flowers "gone to graveyards everyone." )

We'll start with the small stuff, hmm, like: Pete Seeger did write "Where have all the flowers gone". I'm sure Dylan has performed it, but the words as written by the author Pete Seeger, shows the progression from flowers to graveyard. A concept maybe too deep for our slimey friend to grasp as an analogy but none the less true!

I'll stop here before this turns into a 'rant' about Westover's writing being more like a slimy fish than fact. I wouldn't want to be accused of not being a Liberal 'force' as compared to a republican 'hack'.

Now I need to go cut down some fishsticks for dinner!

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