Sunday, November 05, 2006

Look Who's Pulling John Kline's Strings!

This just in! There are actually two John Kline’s. In Minnesota, Kline touts an "illusion of independence" as the Colonel Klink…er, Kline. While in WA DC, he's a Colonel in Bu$hCo's army pushing their agenda.

The latest FEC filing shows Kline to be anything but 'independent'. John Kline's campaign has accepted more money from 'special interests’ and PACs than from individuals (57% to 43%).

The PACs that gave money, 80% of which are out-of-state, include: chemical companies, right wing issue interests, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, insurance companies and a slew of others who seek to preserve the status quo and help their industry – even though it isn't in best interest of Minnesota.

Some highlights include checks from PACs associated with the 21st Centutry who’s top donors are from California and Arizona. They also include the likes of Ex Enron CEO Ken Lay and companies like Halliburton and Exxon.

Kline also received money from both Eli Lilly and Pfizer PACs which are large pharmaceutical companies with a special interest in keep their profits up through John Kline votes.

While Medicare Part D's 'Donut Hole' denies coverage to individuals with annual drug costs exceeding $2,250. Seniors and disabled must pay nearly $3,000 in out-of-pocket drug costs on top of costly monthly premiums. With about 7 million Americans in stand-alone prescription drug plans at risk of falling into the donut hole, these large drug companies are having record yearly earnings.

The latest FEC filing coupled with his voting record shows that John Kline has peddled his influence to big money lobbyists and special interest.

When you put these special interests and out-of-state PACs on top of Kline’s connections to Dennis Hastert, Tom Delay, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, and Bob Ney, you can't help but realize that John Kline is just another pea in the corrupt Washington DC pod.

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