Thursday, November 30, 2006

Send The BIG Rubberstamp To John Kline!

What Should We Do With the Rubber Stamp?

Let's give John Kline the BIG rubber stamp from last session. He earned it by his lockstep 98% voting record for Bu$h's GOP radical NeoCon agenda.

Under John Kline's leadership America was led into the Iraq war, allowed corporate welfare in the billions of dollars for war profiteers and cut funding from domestic programs like education and health to pay for it. The United State's deficit is higher than it's ever been and we can't seem to provide working Americans affordable medical assistance so our businesses are leaving for countries with universal healthcare....By all means, give the rubberstamp to John Kline.

And if you think Kline will reach across partisan lines (as he promised when campaigning)...think again! The BIG rubber stamp will serve Kline well in the next session of congress!

Let the DCCC know, give the rubberstamp to Congressman John "the rubberstamp man" Kline!

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