Friday, November 03, 2006

Kline refuses to answer the questions

John Kline said he wanted to run "an issues oriented campaign". Yet when it comes to answering even the basic questions on the issues in the Star Tribune voter guide, he's "deklined" to let us know where he stands. In the same voter guide Kline says "Mine is not a single-issue protest campaign." We agree. He's running a no-issues campaign.

On the several of listed above Kline has been quick to attack his opponent Coleen Rowley, but here he won't offer any solutions of his own. Why? When you see his real answers you might agree that not answering the questions is probably his best option if he wants to get re-elected.
  • 1) Iraq - John kline has voted to build permanant bases in Iraq. Not exactly the thing you do if you're planning to withdraw your troops eventually.
  • 2)Enforcement of laws forbiding employers to hire illegal immigrants. -- Kline has supported the Bush administration which has only very rarely cited employers for hiring illegals. A huge drop from enforcement of the same laws before the Clinton years.
  • 3)Tax cuts - John Kline gets his campaign money from the richest 1% that get the lions share of the benefits from the Bush tax cuts. Of course he's not going to repeal them. He'd rather saddle our kids with lots of debt than be responsible and pay as you go.
You get the idea. Kline didn't answer the questions because it could hurt his re-election chances. Coleen Rowley isn't afraid to answer the questions. Coleen Rowley isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. The only one who is afraid here is John Kline.

So do you want someone in Congress who dodges the truth to protect himself, or someone who tells the truth so we can fix the problem? That's a simple question to answer. Vote for an Agent For Change. Vote for Coleen Rowley.

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