Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Dirty Tricksters Trying To Help Kline

Older voters in Eagan, Minn. have received phone calls asking if they are voting for Coleen Rowley, then telling those who intend to vote for Coleen that they must go the wrong polling places (not their own) and can only vote during limited hours (not any time Election Day while polls are open).

Talk about low!

The caller ID traces back to a cell phone in New York, but the owner of that phone says he has no knowledge of the calls. If the dirty tricksters are going through this much trouble, I suspect they're using a phony caller ID too.

If John Kline has any sense of decency he'll call a news conference immediately to call attention to these dirty tricksters and get the correct voting information out. Call his office to demand he do so. Kline's silence will only indicate he approves of the fraudulent phone calls.

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