Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kline - Pathetically Klinkish (Still!)

Minnesota Congressman John Kline is upset...or as he says "outraged". How 'outraged' is Kline?

He's so 'outraged' that he's sent out not one but TWO! fundraising letters to tell everyone he's 'outraged' at being compared to bumbling Colonel Klink and would you send him some money to fight this major injustice.

How pathetic is that? Kline can't seem to work up any outrage at jobs being outsourced, selling America's infrastructure to foreign countries, giving tax breaks to the wealthy while cutting services to working families, freezing pell grants, slashing funding to veterans, and taking money from criminals, but he angry that he's compared to Colonel Klink...oh yeah, he's outraged...

He's sooooo outraged that he's asking for money to stem the flood of one website picture posting of him as the bumbling Colonel Kline...that was up for a couple of hours and then removed with an apology (verbal and written)...and he's asked now twice! Imagine what he could be doing instead of trying to untwist his shorts? Imagine all the things wrong that he could be addressing other than...his own personal likeness to Colonel Klink. Reason enough to vote the bumbling Colonel out of office.

Come on Kline, speak to the issues instead of acting Klinkish. If you really want to be 'outraged' try speaking about what you've been doing to Minnesota Families and American values:
14.2 million American seniors (including millions of our sickest and most vulnerable seniors) are stuck in a complicated, expensive, and inefficient Medicare prescription drug program because Congressman Kline and the Bu$h Administration allowed lobbyists from insurance and pharmaceutical industries to design the program. But then again it wasn't by mere chance that John Kline accepting $16,000 in PAC money from pharmaceuticals last year alone.
60 million American families who heat their homes with natural gas and 8 million families who heat with heating oil are paying higher bills this winter, even though the John Kline and the Republican Congress recently passed their "national energy plan" into law. Although this plan gives the energy industry billions in new tax breaks and subsidies, it doesn't lower prices for consumers or make our country more energy independent.
The 150,000 U.S. troops currently deployed in Iraq don't have the equipment they need because of waste, fraud and cronyism by the Republican Congress including John Kline and the Department of Defense. While Halliburton and other companies with Republican connections get their contracts, our soldiers still don't have the body armor and armored vehicles they need to fight the war.
750,000 households in the Gulf regions are still displaced today, more than 5 months after Hurricane Katrina hit that region, at least in part because the political hacks the Bush Administration with John Kline's support put in charge of crucial homeland security functions were not adequately prepared to prepare for or respond to this disaster.
More than 10 million students and their families will have larger student loans to repay because House Republicans, led by new Majority Leader John Boehner working hand-in-hand with his commercial loan industry allies and his good friend John Kline cut $12 billion from the student loan program in the recent reconciliation bill and shifted the costs on to students and their families.

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