Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Supersized ZERO for Congressman John Kline

When John Kline is given the choice between serving Minnesotans or big business, or Bu$H, or special interests...,well, let's just say Rep. John Kline's record five zeros speaks for itself:

ZERO from Minnesota's League of Conservation Voters for enviromental and conservation issues

ZERO from The Children's Defense Fund for programs that help children

ZERO from Alliance for Retired Americans for senior issues

ZERO from the AFL-CIO, for an anti-labor voting record.

ZERO from APHA, for a anti-public health voting record.

Five times zero = 5 x 0 = One big supersized ZERO.

Wait.This just in...Kline gets a 17% in voting for programs and bills that would benefit our children's education. NEA gave Kline one of the lowest scores among all congressmen for his anti-public education votes! Still, five zeros and a 17% leave Kline at the very bottom of his class.

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