Monday, February 13, 2006

More Kline Konnections With Anonymous Attacks On Rowley

In an earlier post DJK reported that John Kline's campaign paid the owner of Weber Johnson PA $10,000 for 'consulting' over the last two years. Weber Johnson PA now employs a blogger who in the past made anonymous attacks against the Rowley campaign. The previously anonymous blogger was also on the payroll of the Republican Party. Now we have uncovered even more connections between Kline and this Weber Johnson employee/blogger.

The blogger, Michael Brodkorb is listed as the chair of the Senate District 38 Republican Party. which is located in Kline's Congressional District. As chair of SD 38, Brodkorb's job is to promote John Kline's re-election, which he has done by making anonymous attacks on Kline's likely DFL opponent Coleen Rowley.

Rep. Kline's campaign is now well aware of this connection, but has done nothing to stop the attacks. Much like Kline has done nothing to stop the attacks on military veterans Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Jack Murtha, but then complains loudly to anyone who will listen that every military veteran should feel insulted when he was depicted as Col. Klink in a photoshopped picture.

Mr. Brodkorb's response to this is his employer did not work for Rep. Kline, noting that Weber Johnson PA did not exist when Rep. Kline paid for the consulting services. We note that Weber Johnson PA was formed in January 6, 2005 and payments to Weber Johnson PA founder Joe Weber continued until January 12, 2005. Also Joe Weber publicly flaunts the Rep. Kline connection on Weber Johnson PA's website.
(to view the WJPA registration click here and type "Weber Johnson" into the search box)

Again we ask, is Rep. Kline going to continue to hire a company that employs people making anonymous attacks? Is John Kline going to continue to accept help from a Republican Senate District Chair that makes anonymous attacks? Remember, it took a large amount of public pressure to finally force Kline to say he would return tainted money given to him by indicted Rep. Tom Delay. Will it take that same kind of public pressure for Rep. Kline to sever ties with more of these other unethical practices?

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