Tuesday, February 14, 2006

John Kline's Failing Economics With Record High Deficit

With the U.S. Trade Deficit in 2005 soaring to an all time high of $275.8 BILLION, Representative John Kline (MN R) has been heedless, rash, and reckless in regards to the U.S. Economy. Kline's lack of leadership and performance in regards to this economy is compromising both the security and safety of America.

On Kline's website it says:
A strong fiscal conservative, John Kline understands how the federal deficit, created by years of over-spending, is a threat to the long-term health of our economy.
With the GOP in control and John Kline in office this is the fourth straight year of the U.S. deficit hitting a new record . Expect the future with John Kline to be 'more' of the 'same' with record losses in manufacturing jobs and in U.S. Debt. The Commerce Department reported Friday that the gap between what America sells abroad and what it imports rose to $725.8 billion last year, up by 17.5 percent from the previous record of $617.6 billion set in 2004 resulting in the United States losing 3 MILLION manufacturing jobs.

While Kline's been in office our country has set record imports of oil, food, cars and other consumer goods. In other words, during Kline's term, America is more dependent on foreign countries like never before. The deficit with China hit an all-time high as did America's deficits with Japan, Europe, OPEC, Canada, Mexico and South and Central America.

John Kline touting any economic gains while the United States slides deeper in debt suggests a wild carelessness and disregard for consequences. He has shown a consistent inability to give sufficient consideration to any possible policies other than what is being offered by the Bu$h administration.

On the same web page Kline says he works closely with President Bu$h. Maybe he's too close? Minnesotans deserve better than a yes man who only carries out the orders of Bu$h's failing economic policy.Our economy shouldn't be a the mercy of foreign countries, but with the soaring debt, vast imports, and no working economic directive, expect next year to be worse unless we change course and congressional leadership. Isn't it time to elect someone who will resolve America's economic problems instead of allowing them to grow unchecked.

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