Monday, February 13, 2006

Kline Exaggerates on Website

John Kline (MN-R) either doesn't have a clue, is prone to exaggerate, or is lying. I'll leave it up to you to decide.

US manufacturing lost 2.9 million jobs, almost 17% of the manufacturing work force. The wipeout is across the board. Not a single manufacturing payroll classification created a single new job. This soaring dekline in lost jobs has been over the last 4 years (since Kline's been in office). The US is experiencing a job depression!

On February 10 the Commerce Department released a record US trade deficit in goods and services for 2005—$726 billion. The US deficit in Advanced Technology Products reached a new high. Offshore production for home markets and jobs outsourcing has made the US highly dependent on foreign provided goods and services, while simultaneously reducing the export capability of the US economy.

On Kline Website:
Fostering a Strong Economy
John's work in both the private and public sectors has given him a strong understanding of how government policies directly impact our economy.

In Washington John is fighting for policies that help create jobs and increase productivity.
Given the facts, either John Kline is: delusional, confused, exaggerating wildly, lying or at the very least...he's utterly failed in his stated goal. When will John Kline update his website to reflect reality and tell the truth?

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