Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Star Tribune Dismisses CD2 Voters

The Star Tribune changes their ‘rules’ regarding endorsements, sigh…this time to ‘balance’ the Congressional delegation. In an arrogence surpassed only by thier disregard for voters the Star decided to back Darth Vader John Kline:

With Democrats expected to pick up House seats this election, Kline will provide needed balance in the House. His calls for fiscal responsibility will be particularly welcome. Also valuable is Kline's level-headed approach to foreign policy. Throughout this election, Kline has stressed the role of diplomacy and the power of economic sanctions.(Strib)

Hmm, so in essences, the Tribune says we need Darth Vader to 'balance' all those pesty good guys? Give me a break! The Star didn’t even bother to interview his challenger Steve Sarvi !….It’s so pathetically stupid and perverse. What's missing from their ‘endorsement’ is an in-depth look or even a summary comparison of Sarvi’s and Kline's stands on the issues. In other words, they don’t do endorsements, just try and level the field? I’m sure the voters appreciate their shallowness. In fact it reminds me of another previous endorsement in CD2 that was ‘fixed’ for Kline.

Referring to Kline, the Tribune cites his 'level-headed' approach but doesn’t remind readers that Kline has voted against children’s health, against veteran’s programs, against adequate protection for troops, and even against the I35 bridge funding but for massive overspending that profited the war industry and give us a record deficit. The Tribune never once mentions the war, corporate tax breaks, big gas company subsidies, or Kline’s support of Bush's failed agenda. Remember Kline even wanted to 'privatize Social Security'...

You know you can agree or disagree with individual positions and issues but it's the lacking values that make John Kline wrong for Minnesota and the fact that the Tribune would endorse him for ‘balanced’ is all but laughable.

I could say more but I need to cancel my newspaper subscription…in an effort to ‘balance’ the ‘just how moronic do you think your readers are’ level. In the past I could justify the paper as ‘fire starter’ but there isn’t enough solid content for even that now.

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