Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Thumbs Down To Kline TV Ad

Congressman Kline has a new TV ad which is a lot like the Congressman...big on promises but short on support...

...As pointed out on MNPUBLIS
"Kline voted against the independent panel on ethics, voted against earmark reform in January 2007, and actually has been the beneficiary of earmarks many times before, as well as voting for earmarks that have nothing to do with Minnesotans"

Kline did vote to fund the infamous 'bridge to nowhere' earmark porker...but that must have been before he saw the light...Meanwhile Kline has voted against any Democratic sponsored bill including voting against a resolution to suspend the rules so the emergency aid to fund the I35W bridge could be considered. But ultimately he had to vote for funding the bridge (earmark) because of the ruckus it caused among Minnesotans.

So let's recap...
  • U.S. economy in the toilet and Kline is consumed with earmarks that represent less thank ONE PERCENT of the federal budget.
  • All pork is not least in John Kline's world where he'll gladly vote for a bridge to nowhere but not Minnesota's I35 Bridge rebuild.

Not much of a TV ad...much like Kline isn't much of a leader.

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