Friday, October 17, 2008

Outrageous Kline Round Up

Once again, John Kline feigns outrage... Gee for a big tough soldier, John Kline certainly can get 'outraged' easily…Reminds me of another bumbling, self-serving bureaucratic Colonel...

How 'outraged' is Kline? Wonder if he's outraged enough to send out fundraising letters like he did when he was 'outraged' last time. Oh, and would you send him some money to fight that major injustice. How pathetic is that? Well almost as pathetic as his current 'outrage'

John Kline can't seem to work up any outrage at jobs being loss and outsourced, selling America's infrastructure to foreign countries, bridges falling down, giving tax breaks to the wealthy while cutting services to working families, freezing pell grants, slashing funding to veterans, crumbling financial market and taking money from criminals, but he's 'outraged' at Ashwin Media. That's right a DFL candidate not even running against him!? (Tell me you don't think of Colonel Klink when you see John Kline get outraged over this crap instead of real issues?)

Wonder if John is still outraged or if he apologized?….check out Minnesota Blog

" OMG, talk about conduct unbecoming of an officer! " Blue man in a Red district

"...Republicans and John Kline are bad for small business!"

"...John Kline is a huge hypocrite. Some things never change. " Minnesota Campaign Report

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