Monday, January 05, 2009

Congressman John Kline's First Act of Congress

John Kline talks about earmarks yada yada yada….with earmarks less than half a percent of the total budget, it’s like worrying about the range fan venting when the house is burning down…

Kline prefers to champion earmarks instead of address all the issues that now face us -from housing, economy, health care to education and gas prices that do significantly make up the federal budget. He instead wants to focus on meaningless crap!

"As my first act of the 111th Congress, I will ask Speaker Pelosi and Republican Leader John Boehner to put an end to the wasteful earmarking process. Our constituents demand increased transparency and deserve the assurance that federal spending decisions are based on merit."

His heartfelt need to cut earmarks came only after the Democrats took controlled of congress...which is rather like finding g*d after committing murder…what a putz! There is no better indication of John Kline's obstructionist stance than his vote against 'earmark reform legislation' in January of 2007.

In the 2007 the Democratic 'earmark' reform bill would require any bill with earmarks contain the name of a legislator who introduced the inserted earmark, tax or tariff benefit be included in a report attached to that bill. Instead of voting for this reform, Kline voted against the House Resolution 6 on January 5, 2007. I can only suppose Kline needs a soapbox because he ain't gonna be doing anything productive for us or the failing economy!

To use a phrase coined by George H.W. Bush, this is "voodoo economics," based more on wishful thinking than on hard data or carefully considered policy proposals which brings us to the first thing that Congressman John Kline really will be doing when congress convenes this week...

As his first act in congress, Kline will be giving himself a raise …did I mention how John Kline voted against raising the minimum wage for the rest of us?

Here's more information on how earmarks are being used as Funny Numbers to cut spending only from programs they (neocons like Kline and Bush) don't want while the American economy meltdown further under their leadership. If this were the 1800's Kline would be holding a pitch fork, feeding the flames while burning women as witches and science books...

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