Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is Kline Confused or Just Flip Flopping?

Confused or Flip Flopping Again?

One of the first questions asked of Rep. John Kline at the 'open forum' last night in Lakeville was about ‘no child left behind’. What I hear Kline answer (keep in mind I'm paraphrasing...) is something similar to:

…hmmmmm, well you know I’m not sure about the no child left behind legislation. I mean it’s only been a unfunded Federal mandate since I’ve been in office so I haven’t really made a decision. Sure I'm studying it but it only affects all the children in my district so really it's something I haven't worked out yet.

And oh, just because I met with school superintendents from the area with Mark Kennedy and John Boehner (aka 'architect of the federal Leave No Child Behind law') in August 2004 to help promote the law and answer your silly questions before our threesome went out and played a round of golf, well that was then, and no…well I just don’t know what to say…I'll have to study this further...give me another three terms and I'll get back to you...

Like Bush I’m a decider and I’m still deciding….besides I wasn’t in office when the bill first passed…I can’t be responsible. So to answer your question, let me be positively clear: I just don't know...

Or did I hear wrong? Anybody? I was sitting in the back so I probably left out a few of the 'errrrs' and 'hmmmms'. I did noticed that Kline didn't bring up his taking at least $35,000 from both John Boehner and his Freedom Pac. I'm sure Kline doesn't see that as a conflict of interest and would never let money play a role in what he'll decide on renewing this unfunded federal mandate...errr...hmmm, when he does get's around to deciding.

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