Monday, April 09, 2007

Repya Slams Patriots At Kline Event

Joe Repya is everyone's bull dog...always in a barking frenzy, all of the time. It would be nice to see the GOP at least try and offer up someone thoughtful for a leadership position but I guess we'll have to settle for another polarizing rethug spewing hate and distortions....

Jim Johnson had an observation and posed a question about Joe Repya's comment during John Kline's first face-to-face town hall meeting. (Yes I know that Kline's staff is spinning him as having over 20 meetings but tightly manipulated GOP tele-meetings that are completely staged and controlled by his camp aren't town hall meetings! At least with the face to face town meeting, his staff can't completely micro-manage everyone....and that's why to date Kline's had...only one real town hall meeting!)

Repya Slams Patriots

Leave it to Joe Repya, Eagan resident and pro-war hawk, to politicize personal tragedy and impugn the patriotism of over half of the crowd at Congressman John Kline's 1st open topic, face-to-face town meeting.

During this meeting, a gold star mother stood and told the story of the loss of her son in Iraq. She also asked that the war continue so that the "mission" is completed. Many conservatives in the crowd jumped to their feet with raucous applause while the others politely applauded and respected her tragic loss.

Mr. Repya then stood and said that those who did not jump to their feet were not patriotic and did not support the troops.

For war hawks like Mr. Repya to politicize this mothers' loss of her son in support of the tragic war in Iraq shows just how low the war hawks will sink in their misguided support of the Iraq war. Is this what we can expect from Minnesota's Republican party if Mr. Repya is elected its chair?

Mr. Repya hear this. We all support the troops, everyone of us, all Americans. Those who believe it is now time to end this disastrous war are no less patriotic than you. The clear majority of Americans and Minnesotans now believe that, after four years, it is time for our sons and daughters, heroes all, to come home from this tragic misadventure before more American blood is spilled.

-Jim Johnson

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