Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DeKlining To Open Up, Kline Could Use Some Tips From Klobuchar and Ellison

Congressman John Kline would have us believe that his tightly controlled tele-meetings are open forums but we know they aren't. He can regulate the callers, who speaks, even go so far as determining topics and pre-screening of participants. So the question is, when will Kline do as all other elected officials and meet face-to-face openly and regularly with the people who elected him to office?

Workday Minnesota had something to say about face-to-face open meetings contrasting both Klobuchar's and Ellision's multitude of open forums and face-to-face meetings unlike our own representative Mr. 'Duck and Hide' Kline. Maybe the two DFL freshman officials could give our own Congressman Kline some tips on open dialog?!

Klobuchar's meeting with labor representatives followed two breakfast meetings March 16 and April 13 between Ellison and Minneapolis area unions.

"They actually sought us out," Ledger said. "They want our input."

These meetings stand in contrast to a recent town hall forum hosted by Second District U.S. Congressman John Kline, when labor union members who attended couldn't get their questions answered.

"The difference is the degree to which that was staged versus the open dialogue we had with Amy and Keith," Ledger said, adding "we don't screen the questions."

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