Friday, March 23, 2007

Rep. Kline doesn't trust you

You aren't trustworthy enough to ask Rep. John Kline a question. According to Kline's Chief of Staff you might be a "liberal ideologue", which I take is one step down from an "enemy combatant" because you have lost one of your most basic rights as an American Citizen -- the right to ask your Representative a question.

If you thought Rep. Kline holding his first open large-scale public face-to-face meeting with his constituents in years was too good to be true, you were correct. Kline has decided that he will screen all the questions and decide what questions he has to answer on Tuesday April 3 at Lakeville South High School (7-9pm)

Constituents who petitioned for the meeting to discuss the escalation in Iraq had asked for a neutral moderator such as the League of Women Voters. That isn't going to happen. Kline says the League of Women Voters can't be trusted either. I guess it's the words "Voters" and "Women" in their title that Kline distrusts.

So Kline will be "the decider" when it comes to what questions he has to answer. Does all of these attempts to control an open discussion sound a bit familiar?

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