Friday, April 20, 2007

John 'No Comment' Kline

Kline once again is showing is leadership by his strong and often heard “No Comment”.

John Kline with several terms in office has apparently no opinion about a call for an independent ethics commission to judge wrongdoing by lawmakers. He also has no opinion about the commission replacing the House Ethics Committee....even though John Kline was appointed to the Ethics Committee in January. Kline would even lose oversight duty if the new commission is established. But still, Kline has no opinion other than: “No Comment”. Yes siree...don't want to be on record with an opinion or a comment that might look like he's a leader instead of a Bush puppet.

Compare Kline’s non-leadership role with newly elected Congressman Tim Walz regarding this issue. Mr. Walz is very vocal in saying that an independent ethic commission should replace the House Ethics Committee. As Tim says “I’m uncomfortable with members policing their own members”. People are distrustful of their elected officials and government and Tim Walz is proposing an independent oversight committee to make the process more transparent.

All I can say is it must be great to actually have a Congressperson that gives his opinions and solutions on issues facing Americans, that actually meets with constituents (Walz has in less than 6 months already broken Kline’s 5 year record for face-to-face town meetings), and is truly motivated instead of wrapping himself in the flag and relying on his old military record. Having been in office only a couple of months, Walz's leadership and openness is refreshing compared to Kline's lack of comments and opinions other than to rubberstamp the failed Bush administration and his blind support of the war.

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