Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Polls show Kline/Rowley Race Tight

This came out of a MN Gubernatorial and US Congress polling by the coordinated campaign. It’s for SD38 (numbers from other SDs in CD2 are showing similar results). It shows what we've suspected all along: the CD2 Congressional race is much tighter and Kline's seat is at risk. Which would explain (but not excuse) Kline's repeated negative attacks.

The polling shows:

For all voters:
  • Rowley 42%
  • Kline 45 %
  • Undecided 13%

The chart shows the breakdown within groups.

SD38 is Eagan, situated within spitting distance of the residences of Governor Pawlenty, GOP operative Michael B. Brodkorb, and State Auditor Pat Anderson (Awada). It would be so sweet to turn this area congressionally blue. Fact: John Kerry beat George Bush in Senate District 38 (Eagan/Burnsville) by 467 votes, so this is a race Democrats can win!

There is more good news for Coleen Rowley's campaign....their own polling coming out of CD2 (shortly) shows that the majority of the 'undecided voters' would vote for Coleen over Kline once they know who she is, and a large percent refuse to vote for any incumbent. Kline and his mentor Bu$h also have similar approval ratings.

Also take a look at ‘A Lakeville Dad’ where it exposes John Kline’s financial links to 7 of the 8 most corrupted members of congress.

There’s just no end to the bad news today for Kline.

(note- 09.14) I made a coorection today when it was brought to my attention I had a number typo...Kline has 45% (instead of 48!)...which makes this race all the more closer!)


OC_Diamond said...

don't get me wrong...


jmjm said...

OOPs my bad...Kline has 45 instead of 48 (my typo!)...which makes it all the closer!

Pants DailyOn said...

A link to the polling data would be useful.

ward0166 said...

One more issue with the graph. The total undecided is 13%, but the graph shows a value that's much higher.