Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mud by any other Name is still Mud

At the Kline Kampaign they fling mud by the truckload and then get upset when some of it splatters on them.

This past week the Star Tribune correctly labeled the latest expensive glossy ad attack on a Coleen Rowley campaign volunteer as "mud-slinging". Kline Spokesperson Marcus Esmay, was offended that the Strib called it mudslinging. He would rather call it "truth-telling".

We know John Kline supports making English the official language of the U.S., so we're sure that he'll endorse our presentation of the English to Kline / Kline to English translation dictionary, first edition. Please use it when you need to translate non-english comments or documents from the Kline Kamp.

English to Kline
Mudslinging = Truth Telling
Pro Immigration Rally= Riot
Disgraced Congressman Tom Delay = Campaign Fund Source
Vandalism = Ethical Campaign Practices

Jason Lewis "Mr. Right" = Unbiased debate moderator
Campaign Donation Law Violations = No Comment

Open Mind = Extreme Liberal
Biggest US Deficit = Fiscal Conservative
Anyone who disagrees with Donald Rumsfeld = Terrorist
Affordable Health Care = Wacky Liberal Position
Supporting Bush Positions 94% of the time = Independent Thinking
Oil Co. Campaign Cash Donations = Sound economic reasons for ANWAR Oil Drilling
Slashing Veteran Benefits = Pro Veteran
Cutting Environment and Education = Strong on Community

We know our translation dictionary is far from complete. Help us help the world understand John Kline. Please add more translations in our comments section. This has been a public service announcement from Dump John Kline.

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Michael M said...

How about:
Working Harder, But Earning Less = Good Economic News