Friday, September 22, 2006

Kline Blurring The Legal Limits of Office

In recent weeks Rep. John Kline has blurred the firewall between his congressional office (staff, resources, activities) and his campaign office. Let's take a look at just two recent incidents:

1. Kline's racist Director Osskopp used his 'own time' last weekend to protest and heckle veterans in CD2. Hmmm...let's see how much does Kline -via Minnesota taxpayers -pay Osskopp? least $70,000+ since July '05. And anyone who watches the video realizes what those of us that we're there saw, Osskopp was directing the protestors. Do you think they saw him as being a volunteer? No, they saw him as he was, a paid staffer for Congressman John Kline organizing and directing at a campaign event!

2.Kline's congressional office is collecting data and information on 'constituents' that differ with him on issues including tracking blog posts. A quick survey of MN US House and Senate delegations show that this is a very uncommon if not improper and inappropriate practice.
This is very scary, and it's at taxpayers expense.

Well it was collected by his congressional office using taxpayers money (staff/time/$) but used for his campaign…at the very best it’s misuse of funds…CD2 voters rather his staff work on supporting issues like healthcare and not furthering Kline's personal re-election campaign.

It's a problematic blur: Kline uses congressional staff to amass data that goes in personal enemy files then uses it as a campaign resourse! What a deal!

Kline's Congressional and Campaign offices are in the building but different areas. Still staff goes between the two offices as has been shown on several occassions. How is their time being accounted for? When I talked to a high level staffer at Congresswomen's Betty McCollum's office, they told me it would entail so much documentation and monitoring and there's still a risk of mistakes by the very nature of wearing more than one hat.

Are Minnesotan's paying for Kline's re-election campaign (resources, staff, data collection and enemy files)? Was the information collected for recent poorly done smears from the Kline campaign done so at taxpayer's expense?

Lastly, Can I now expect his congressional office to download this latest blog posting and file it away for use of his campaign? Obviously given the recent information from an interview with strib reporter Kevin Diaz, the answer is YES:
Bartlett, a frequent Kline critic and Rowley supporter, is well-known to the Kline campaign, which has a lengthy file of his e-mails and blog entries, one of which insult Kline in crude terms.

When I talked with Paul Bartlett this morning, he told me he never sent an email to Kline's campaign office, only this congressional...hmmm

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