Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Welcome to the Asylum Congressman Kline

The Star Tribune article headline says it all:
Kline flier Slings More Mud at Rowley Campaign Aides

This is the third flier in 3 weeks. (8 to go?)
Obviously 'crazy is as crazy does'…so welcome to the asylum Congressman Kline!

MCR has more on Kline’s latest Hit Piece:
Jacobs indicated in a later message that guilt by association is a pretty common tactic. However, whether it indicates bad internal poll numbers or simply an effort to head off a serious challenge, either way it means that the Kline campaign is nervous about Rowley’s chances in November. The rose garden strategy has gone out the window. One might consider leaking strong internal poll numbers a superior incumbent strategy to attacking the challenger’s unpaid volunteers, but to Team Kline, that would be kooky. Wacky. You know - rational.

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