Monday, September 18, 2006

Kline's Staffer Heckles and Harasses Veterans

IMP calls this "Weirdness in CD2", and it was weird...but there was much more!(Video is at the end of this post, just hit the play button)

What does Congressman Kline have to say about his staffer (Mike Osskopp) and others yelling, heckling, harassing and attempting to intimidate veterans with their friends and family from attending an event in CD2 at the Rosemount VFW hall?

The event was with Congressman Murtha (over 30 years in the House and a decorated veteran), Congressman Oberstar (26 yrs representing Minnesotans), and Coleen Rowley (a retired 24 year FBI agent). All of whom have years of distinquished service meeting the needs of our county.

Does Kline agree and share the same racial slur being shouted at veterans? Did these goons and thugs participate with Kline's knowledge? Since Kline's Director (Osskopp) seemed to be directing things, either (1) Kline was aware and approved of this horrible behavior toward veterans, or (2) Kline has no control of his staff's behavior. Which is it?

This public display was an affront to all veterans. Can we expect an apology from Kline and all of his staff that participated? Will Kline's staff continue to harass veterans in front of all VFW halls or just the one in Rosemount?

It was no surprise about Sunday's disgraceful antics against veterans by John Kline's staff, not when compared to John Kline's disgraceful voting record on providing for our solders and veterans.
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vortex100 said...

I just wish the picture on the video was a little better. Did some rain blur it?

Michael M said...

Nope. It's just out of focus. Darn manual focus was turned on. I've heard there are some much clearer still photos. Look for them to surface somewhere soon.

Norwegianity said...

And don't forget that a Kline supporter in the hall interrupted Jim Oberstar to deliver his message of protest and then left.

It was all quite calculated.