Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kline Goes Hollywood

Coleen has posted up regarding John Kline's comment and smear of 'Hollywood Liberals'. Go read it, with less than 70 days to go, Coleen is still showing a sense of humour while dealing with the issues. Can't say the same about the Colonel, if ya know what I mean!

Calling All Hollywood Liberals!

Anyone checking my fundraising efforts via FEC reports will quickly realize that most Hollywood liberals are still pondering how much of their millions to give the Rowley for Congress Campaign in Minnesota's second district. But perhaps now that John Kline has called out California television director Christine Moore's five contributions over the last year totaling $275, big movie stars and other Hollywood glitterati will start writing their checks.

Please take a moment on the set, folks, because there's only 68 days left, and I could use more Hollywood liberal cash to compete with John Kline's big moneyed corporate interests (big oil, big pharma, insurance companies and defense contractors, among others)....more

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