Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kline Kampaign Focused On Politics of Personal Destruction

The politics of personal destruction are usually the sign of a desperate campaign. Find something about your opponent such as unpaid parking tickets, and then make it sound like they're an axe murderer. The Texas-style Republican machine that owns Representative John Kline likes to run its campaigns that way. And John Kline has obediently followed the Republican machines mud slinging orders again and again and again and again.

Unfortunately for John Kline, his opponent Coleen Rowley doesn't have unpaid parking tickets. Instead she has those pesky questions about John Kline's record on the Iraq occupation, Education and Heath Care. Questions that apparently John Kline doesn't want to spend money answering. Instead he's focusing slimy attack ads on one of Rowley's campaign volunteers and some statements the volunteer made about his own political beliefs.

What you say about others reveals a lot about your thinking. John Kline's assumption is Democrats march in lockstep just like Republicans do and there is no room for dissent. Surprise! People in the DFL are allowed to have their own opinion.

Kline also assumes that others order Rowley to take certain stances on issues just the way Tom Delay and other corrupt Republicans order him to vote with President Bush. John Kline has obviously never had a serious discussion with Coleen Rowley. She is very stubborn, particularly when it comes to principles. She makes up her own mind based on the facts and is not afraid to speak the truth, even when it means taking on her boss.

John Kline is so afraid of being exposed for years of taking orders from his boss that he's obviously desperate and will do anything to bring Coleen Rowley down to his roll-in-the-mud level of politics.

All we can say is "nice try John" and point him towards the showers to clean up and go home to Texas. Send John Kline to the showers this November. Vote for Coleen Rowley.

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