Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kline's Flip Flop On Dirty Tricks

John Kline can't make up his mind. Is a campaign donation a "dirty trick" or an "endorsement"? This year it's a "dirty trick" when someone tries to donate to get on his campaign mailing list to find out John Kline's stand on the issues.

Last election, a contribution was "An Endorsement" when his opponent Teresa Daly made a donation to Kline in 2002.

So which one is it? Is a donation from the opposition a Dirty Trick or an Endorsement?

The answer is neither.

The truth is this is just another example of John Kline and his campaign staff twisting the facts to mean whatever he would like them to mean.

It's also symptomatic of how "cloak and dagger" the Republican Party really is. Why are John Kline issue positions such a closely guarded secret that his campaign office won't give them to his constituents? (It helps apparently to donate to his campaign and know the secret handshake.)

The real truth is John Kline would rather invent issues than talk about the real ones America is facing today. In that sense Kline is a wise, sly and sinister politician because if he talks about the real issues and his record on Iraq, Education, Health Care and Veterans Issues he will lose.

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