Friday, June 16, 2006

Kline Unwilling To Debate The Iraq War

Yesterday and today Congress orchestrated a very sick game of charades that was politically motivated to support the Bu$h administration’s handling of the Iraq war, while framing those who don’t as weak or against U.S. troops.

Kline, who voted for the sham Iraq resolution in effect re-affirmed support for Bu$h’s failed war policy. Prior to this the Pentagon(aka Rumsfeld) distributed a ’74 -page briefing book ’ filled with ready-made knee jerk responses for any criticism of the war. It brought the level of debate down to the lowest most simplistic, venal and bipartisan terms. Thanks to the Republican majority leader Boehner and John Kline, what could have been a serious debate was reduced to another dog-and-pony show lacking substance and accountability that was designed to do little more than frighten and divide the populace.

Republican Majority leader Boehner also release a Confidential Messaging Memo to Republican house members that called for those opposed to the war to be labeled at ‘weak, sheepish and prone to waver endlessly’, It's highlights called for exploiting 9/11 during any debates on Iraq as well as saying those who don’t support Bu$h’s policies, don’t support our troops. In short, it framed up responses meant to silence instead of encouraging open dialog among our representatives.

The America people deserve an honest and open discussion on the war in Iraq and its costs in human life and the quality of life. To date billions of our tax dollars have gone into the black hole of Iraq instead of our children's education needs, senior medicine or healthcare, and workers transportations needs or gas prices. While Congress has resorted to name calling, in Iraq...more die, more money gets diverted, and more services for Americans get cut.

At this point all claims regarding the war should be examined and looked at independently. Until am open and honest debate is allowed, Congress members are little more than Bu$h puppets in a charade that has resulted in the deaths of thousands. Let’s hope for the sake of all our futures that those responsible are held responsible for their lack of leadership. Come November, we will see.

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