Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kline's Campaign Playbook

From Kline's smear mailing of 08.2006-

“You can tell what kind of leader a candidate will be by the type of campaign they run."

With that in mind I decided to take a page out of Kline's recent campaign playbook. What I found is that by substituting John Kline's name in his smear statements, the mailer finally is more truthful!

John Kline’s campaign is playing drity tricks.

We can’t trust him in Congress.

Minnesota deserves better than unethical campaign tricks.

Tell John Kline that dirty politics are wrong.

John Kline may think that’s ethical. But that’s not right.

"That’s not how we do things in Minnesota."

You couldn't be more right Mr. Kline, that's not how we do things in Minnesota. Vote for Change, vote Coleen Rowley.

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LakevilleDad said...

You forgot the cigarette dangling from his lips (as was on the original dirty flyer he produced). It's appropriate for Kline since he's taken $35,574 from John Boehner's PAC, and Boehner (a big tobacco supporter) was caught redhanded handing out tobacco lobbyist checks to his fellow members of the House on the House Floor minutes before a key tobacco vote.