Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Truth Can No Longer Be DeKlined

Dave Mindeman at mnpACT has a story about how tough it is for John Kline these days....
"The people of the Second Minnesota District are going to have to make a real choice in November. It is clear that if you fully support the war, if you believe we did the right thing in Iraq, if you are confident that our future should have a continuous military presence in the Middle East -- then John Kline is the perfect Congressman for you."

Given how John Kline and the Bu$hCo lied about why we went to war in Iraq: (WMA, Saddam, al-Qaida, Freedom); and now, they're renewing a mission accomplished lie, at what point does their lies become criminal behavior? Even a good soldier must question this lack of leadership?

Kline lied and people died (are still dying). Perhaps it's the stress of those lies and not his arrogance that caused Kline to say to someone he doesn't even know, "You're a jackass. It's people like you and your party...."

The very least local patriots can do is confront John Kline for his role in duping Americans into going into a war at the cost of our children's lives and their education, healthcare, and future. That's what any good American would do.

The lies have to end, the war must stop, and American values need to be restored. If that sets John Kline off, then I predict November will be a really bad month for him.


klinefan said...

When you say, "our children's lives," does this mean that your child is actually serving in Iraq? If so, thank him and thank you for your service.

If not, maybe you should get the opinion of someone whose only son actually is serving in Iraq. Maybe like...I don't know...JOHN KLINE!!!

To attack him for killing "our children" without even giving that consolation is pretty weak...

jmjm said...

Then John Kline should thank me and everyone else who cares enough to want their children's lives not to be wasted on Bu$h's oily war.

The War in Iraq has increased terrorism around the world, gave terrorist a rallying point and training ground, and sucked American resources away from us and into a foreign land and large corporations. Worse of all it has killed 'our children' and others like women, children and babies. It also has left many of our own wounded both physically and emotionaly.

BTW your sexism is showing...'Our Children' include daughters who also serve in Iraq...and die there...for what noble cause?