Friday, July 14, 2006

John Kline Bragging About Record Deficit!

Minnesotan's believe that paying their bills and balancing the budget are everyday actions that good families do. Most of us wouldn't think of bragging about being less 'overdrawn' at the bank especially when we're talking TRILLIONS! But not so John Kline...

Rep. John Kline is bragging about how the deficit projections are lower than expectations, unbelievable! He's actually spinning the all time highest US deficit ever into being positive! Here's what he's saying:
The Office of Management and Budget announced this week that the deficit is now projected to be $127 billion less than projected just six months ago.
In case you missed it, here's my report about how the deficit under John Kline has ballooned to an all time high. The national deficit is 8.4 TRILLION dollars.

Kline's attempt to 'spin' this shows he doesn't hold the same values as working Minnesotans. According to the comptroller general (head of the GAP), $330,000 is the amount owed by each full-time worker to pay down the deficit; $140,000 per American, even the newest newborn.

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